Thursday, January 26, 2017

High Temperature Thermostat

One of my side jobs is doing facility support for my local yoga studio. They have some unique HVAC requirements - specifically thermostats that have higher than normal set-points.

Most commercial thermostats go up to 90°F or 94°F maximum. I was able to find one thermostat - the Jackson Systems Model T-32-P which can be programmed up to 122°F heating set-point.

It actually seems to be a very versatile device, with a ton of flexibility for many different systems:
  • Up to 3H/2C conventional and heat pump systems
  • 7 day programmable
  • Large backlit display
  • Auto or manual changeover
  • Keypad and/or setpoint lockout
  • Smart fan logic for commercial control
  • Adaptive recovery
  • Optional indoor sensor (T-32-S1 or TS-32-S2) or outdoor sensor (T-32-OTS)
  • Outdoor temperature display with optional outdoor sensor (T-32-OTS)
  • Available with integrated Modbus communications (Version 2.20)
We've got three of these installed right now - two in a large studio (forced air and baseboards, both heat only, and programmed for automatic warm up and night settings) and one in a small studio (heat / cool / forced air, no programming) and all are working great.